Project CoVital relies on key experimental technology - the ability to accurately measure blood oxygenation with a smartphone by having a user place their finger over the camera and recording video footage with the flash on. The video data of the finger will have different levels of particular light; we can then analyze this data to calculate blood oxygenation (SpO2). This method mirrors that of professional pulse oximeters and SpO2 devices.

When we’ve achieved accuracy that compares to medical-grade technology, users will be able to track their blood oxygenation from the comfort of their own homes. This will enable them to better understand the condition and progress of their health issues, as well as to share useful data with medical teams if needed. The in-app personal health diary will also keep medical providers informed about any existing health conditions.

Current Progress

  • We are implementing the existing methods in Python. These can be found on our github repo. This repository has two small datasets, and a variety of convolutional network models implemented and tested on these datasets.

  • We are creating two applications in parallel, the data-collection-only application in Dart (iOS & Android), and the full user application in Kotlin (Android).

  • The data collection application is finalized, and is sent out to medical professionals to collect data.

  • Once data starts coming in, we will validate existing models on data collected by several doctors from a variety of patients and smartphones.

High Level Roadmap