CoVital enables anyone to keep track of their condition by providing them a way to accurately monitor their blood oxygen saturation and other vital health measurements.

COVID-19 patients may need immediate hospital care when their blood oxygen reaches critically low levels. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to recognize these symptoms in time. By providing a way to self-monitor blood oxygen levels, CoVital can preemptively alert COVID-19 patients when they’re facing a medical emergency.


We are a team of engineers, data scientists, designers, and many more working to create CoVital, a smartphone-based app for measuring blood oxygenation, logging personal health diaries, and providing critical data to medical teams fighting COVID-19.

What is CoVital?

Project CoVital relies on key experimental technology - the ability to accurately measure blood oxygenation with a smartphone by having a user place their finger over the camera and recording video footage with the flash on. The video data of the finger will have different levels of particular light; we can then analyze this data to calculate blood oxygenation (SpO2). This method mirrors that of professional pulse oximeters and SpO2 devices.

When we’ve achieved accuracy that compares to medical-grade technology, users will be able to track their blood oxygenation from the comfort of their own homes. This will enable them to better understand the condition and progress of their health issues, as well as to share useful data with medical teams if needed. CoVital’s in-app personal health diary will also keep medical providers informed about any existing health conditions.

Preliminary Objectives

  • Improve the accuracy of smartphone pulse oximetry to achieve medical-grade levels of precision and consistency.

  • Develop a predictive model for disease management based on demographic, diagnostic, and environmental parameters. This supplementary data can provide medical teams further information about individuals to enable better triage and support.

  • Integrate a personal "health diary" into the app, so that this qualitative data can be combined with quantitative and predictive data to provide high-quality information to telemedicine operators.

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