100+ software volunteers are building a mobile app to help people check their health and to support emergency units with accurate disease predictions

- CoVital team aims to leverage machine learning, image pulse oximetry and environmental APIs to transform any mobile phone into an accurate tool to detect and monitor the early stages of the disease.

Preliminary objectives:

- Improving accuracy of smartphone pulse oximetry using rear camera/flash to levels useful to medical practitioners (allowing members of the public access to their blood oxygen levels)

- Predictive model for disease management based on demographic, diagnostic and environmental parameters (Combining additional data with blood oxygen levels to enable medical teams accurate information about individuals to better triage support).

- Integration of personal "health diary" into the app, so that this qualitative data can be combined with quantitative and predictive data to provide high quality information to telemedicine operators.


Dig into our project management and active development efforts (Trello, GitHub, etc.) in the Knowledge Base: Technology page.

More details about the initial proposition: